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BBOT Masterclas
Brain-Based Optometric Toolbox for Optometrists


Referral Forms

Fellow Colleagues, we thank you for the concerns that you have for your patient or student. We would like to make it easy for you to refer them to us. See our
referral form below.


Use the link above to visit the abundant research on the services offered at Arizon Vision Therapy Center.
We have created a Master Class for Neurocognitive Optometrists to learn how to
diagnose, treat, and educate their patients on utilizing the Brain-Based Optometric Tools gathered by the doctors at Arizona Vision Therapy Center to more efficiently and predictably develop and heal the brain.
If you are interested in becoming certified in this technique, please call 520-886-8800     for more information.

How to Screen for Vision Problems

We are posting a video on some quick and easy screening methods for detecting vision problems that will interfere with reading, learning, and paying attention. You can also send your patient / student to our office for a complimentary vision screening by our highly trained technicians. Thank you again for caring.

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