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Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) or Photobiomodulation
Therapy (PBM)

Low Level Light Therapy is the application of red and infrared light on the
surface of the head or body to improve function of structures just below the
surface. This technique is frequently used when the tissues being treated have
been injured, require metabolic support, or are lacking in resilience. We like to
coordinate this therapy with our vision treatments in cases that need help in
speeding the healing process and improving comfort.

What To Expect With LLLT

The most effective treatments for LLLT are in-office and are typically applied 2-3 times per week by a well-trained technician. You will check in at the front office and follow the technician to the laser room. After being seated comfortably, the laser(s) will be applied to the prescribed areas of your head or body for as little as 1 minute up to 30 minutes with your customized laser program. Programs are usually provided in packages of 12-24 sessions for best effect.

If you need the treatments more frequently or are unable to come to the office this often, you will be prescribed a home laser unit to be used in the assigned areas of your head or body after careful training by the trained technician.

The doctors will measure for successful completion of this program at the scheduled follow-ups for your presenting concerns.

Benefits of LLLT

  • Local and diffuse energy production by mitochondrial stimulation and increased efficiency

  • Stabilize cellular membranes

  • Improved immune function to help detox, disinfect, repair and regenerate the treated areas

  • Vasodilation and blood vessel growth

  • Decreased long-term inflammation

  • Decreased pain and discomfort

  • Improved temperature normalization

  • Improved growth and regeneration of nerves and other structures

  • Improved nerve connections and communication

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Research on Low Level Light Therapy

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