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Eyeglass Display


See and look your best with fashionable eyeglass frames and lenses at an affordable cost for all. Finding the right pair of eyeglass frames should be easy and affordable. We carry affordable and designer eyeglasses for adults and children. We also carry specialized frames from Nano and Specs-4-Us for children and babies who have problems keeping eyeglass frames on their faces.

“I have had many eye exams and worn glasses for over 40 years. This was by far the most pleasant and knowledgeable eye doctor I have done business with. Her staff was friendly and helpful in picking out my new frames. They know face shapes and what works and what doesn't. Arizona Vision Therapy Center is my new eye care facility.”

Our in-office professional opticians can help you find your perfect eyewear

We have a wide variety of designer brands and styles for you to choose from to find your perfect fit and style. We use the finest technology in our lenses to ensure that you have the best optical clarity with the least amount of distortion possible. Each pair of glasses is meticulously inspected upon arrival to ensure you have the highest quality lenses and frames tailored to fit your needs.

Ongoing service for your eyeglasses

Our staff is pleased to recheck your eyewear after your purchase to reassure you of its
accuracy. We will keep your eyeglasses clean, fitting right and feeling like new at no extra
charge for as long as you own them.

Call our office at 520-886-8800 to schedule an appointment today.

“Amy Thomas is a treat! She is not only a good listener with great people skills, she has tests I've never experienced for diagnosing vision problems. After visiting many medical people, I think
I'm on the way to understanding and solving my double vision.”

See life clearly and easily!

Happy Drummer
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