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We here at Arizona Vision Therapy Center have been helping hundreds of patients see clearly and comfortably since 2009. With careful attention to each individual’s specific needs, our patients leave our office feeling more confident and better prepared to take on their world. Our Vision Therapy program has also graduated numerous patients who are now reading, writing, and learning with more ease than before and enjoying life more thoroughly. We love going to work every day to hear how our patients’ lives have changed for the better. Our patients, both past and present, continually share success stories about how much more peace they have at work, home, and school, and we can’t wait to hear yours!


For more information on Dr. Amy Thomas and Dr. Haley Penrod, follow the “Our Doctors” link above.
Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD is a Board-Certified Optometrist experienced in Vision Development and Rehabilitation.  She is an international speaker to help further the art and science of therapeutic lenses, syntonic phototherapy and vision therapy.
Haley Penrod, OD is a Pediatric Residency-Trained Optometrist experienced in Vision Development and Rehabilitation.  She prides herself on learning and using innovative techniques to help her patients heal and grow to their fullest potential.


Annette - Highly Esteemed Office Manager Extraordinaire

Ginnene - Most Highly Knowledgeable
Sensory Learning & Vision Therapy Consultant

Alicia - Illustrious Neuro-Optician/Renowned Head of Optical Department

Tabby - Dedicated Neuro-Optician of Utmost Regard with Class and Style

Michele - Most Notable Technician for both Neuro-Optometry and Sensory Learning Program

Todd - Best Vision Therapy Guru that Ever Existed

Vita - Most Awesome Cheerful Vision Therapist 

Dawn - Highly Knowledgeable Manager of the Sensory Learning 
Program/Technicians for Neuro-Optometry

Katelyn - Most helpful and ingenious Patient Care Coordinator

Cynthia - Highly Regarded Sensory Learning Program Technician 

Maggie - Thoughtful and Kind Sensory Learning Technician

Erin - Warm and Caring Sensory Learning Technician/Indispensable Facilities Manager

Karin Zabriskie, RN - Highly Experienced and Valued Structural Energetic Therapist

Debora Jeppson, LMT - Most Benevolent Structural Energetic Therapist

Carol Holman, NP - Wise and Compassionate Structural Energetic Therapist



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2312 N Rosemont Blvd Suite #103

 Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone: 520-886-8800

Fax: 520-886-8805

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