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Vision Therapy: ABI

Many of the symptoms that come from a brain injury are often written off as delusional, incompetence or complaining. As a result, brain injury patients often suffer in silence. Many lose their jobs and can’t perform routine tasks because they struggle to perform the duties of daily life and work that once came easily to them. Many doctors are not looking for and ultimately, dismiss these symptoms that are causing brain injury patients to often suffer in silence.

“Up to 40 percent of people with brain injury experience vision-related disorders that do not go away on their own.”

Who would be candidates for ABI Vision Therapy?

“80% of the brain is involved in vision.”

This treatment is intended to resolve vision issues in those who have suffered a brain injury from trauma, stroke, or toxin exposure. If you have symptoms such as double vision, dizziness, problems shifting your vision from distance to near and fatigue you may be a good candidate for the Acquired Brain Injury Program.
Arizona Vision Therapy Center has a long history of diagnosing and treating the vision problems that come from brain injuries.
“I was referred here by my optometrist after a stroke left me with partial vision loss. On my first visit, Dr. Thomas spent more than 2 hours with me, to diagnose and fully assess what actually happened to me and what can be done to make my vision and my life better. It was quite a remarkable experience, and I will be continuing to work with her. I fully trust I have the best medical professional to guide me in this journey.”


This program is specifically designed to get you back to your life by reducing your symptoms and helping you to feel more comfortable in your environment. Proven exercises will be taught to and practiced with you during an hour of one-on-one care to help bring back those missing connections. If your vision problems require more than lenses, our highly trained staff are ready to provide you with customized care to help your visual system “remember” how to function at a higher level.  We are also part of a strong network of providers that can handle the other problems that occur in brain injuries such as cognitive difficulties and neuromuscular pain or discomfort.

What happens in a VT: ABI Session?

A typical ABI Program is 6-28 weeks long, which include 1-2 one-hour sessions per week along with 15 minutes of home support on the days between the sessions.  Progress checks are every 10-12 sessions, 1-month post-therapy, 3 months post-therapy and 6 months post-therapy to ensure that the information is being learned as planned.
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