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Vision Affects Social Skills Too…

I recently came across this article by another Developmental Optometrist and Vision Therapist and I wanted to share it. I think she has some excellent “insights” (pun intended!).

Here’s the article from Angie Huskison…

What are your biggest takeaways?

“It’s not all about academics or clarity of vision.

Most of our patients that are in vision therapy are in therapy to address binocular visual problems that impact performance in the classroom.

However, we see some individuals who do not struggle at all academically, but they do struggle socially.  They are excessively shy and they deal with anxiety.   Some of these individuals experience panic attacks and are overwhelmed in sensory-rich environments.

We tend to find that they have constricted peripheral awareness, which means they have trouble detecting and making sense of what is in their peripheral vision.

We also tend to find that they have problems aiming their eyes in the right place.  This is called a binocular vision disorder, which worsens as they become more tired. Some of these individuals are light sensitive and some experience headaches or migraines on a regular basis.

Friends and family members may notice that they appear to be uncomfortable in their own skin, yet can’t determine why that is.  Faulty input leads to faulty output.  We experience the world through our senses.   If we have problems in one or more sensory systems, the way we interact with the people and the world around us is often affected. Certainly those that struggle academically need to be evaluated for binocular vision deficits, but there are many children and adults that have have never had trouble academically, yet still have binocular vision problems.

Please note, a routine eye exam will often not detect these problems.  Someone can have 20/20 eyesight yet still struggle with visual issues that impact them socially and emotionally.

Who needs an evaluation or at the very least a screening with a developmental optometrist?  

Those who struggle academically.

Those who do NOT struggle academically but deal with following issues: • excessive shyness • anxiety • depression • not being able to be flexible in their thinking or with changes in their environment or schedules • OCD tendencies • overwhelmed in sensory rich environments Take the vision quiz to find out if you or your loved one may be suffering needlessly: Take The Vision Test – Arizona Vision TherapyArizona Vision Therapy (azvisiontherapy.com)