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Vision and Learning

25% of children have a vision problem that affects learning. Is your child one of them?

Is your child experiencing these symptoms?

  • Difficulty paying attention in school
  • Struggles to understand instructions
  • Works hard in school but isn’t getting good grades
  • Strain, headaches, and fatigue with near tasks
  • Very intelligent but not living up to his or her potential

The cause could be an undiagnosed vision-related learning problem.

School Vision Screenings Don’t Catch Learning-Related Vision Problems

70 – 80% of vision problems in school children go undetected, even by school vision screenings.
Even if your child has passed a school vision screening, they could still have a functional vision problem. That’s because most school screenings only measure how clearly a child sees objects in the distance. However, in school setting, most learning occurs within arm’s reach.

20/20 Isn’t Always Enough

Even if your child has 20/20 eyesight, they could still have a functional vision problem that affects their learning ability. In fact, children with vision-related learning problems often have 20/20 eyesight. [visionandlearning.org]

Vision Greatly Impacts Learning

Children spend the vast majority of learning in the classroom through the visual system. So if a child can’t see properly, they can’t learn efficiently. Vision impacts learning so much that 80% of what a child perceives, comprehends and remembers depends on the efficiency of their visual system.

Sight and success go together. Help your child succeed through vision therapy. Schedule an appointment

“My son has made excellent progress over the past year and has improved his prescription twice. The home exercises are engaging and work more than just his eyes and brain – they integrate his body in many ways too (hands, body movements, vestibular system). Amy and her staff are fantastic. Amy’s expertise is impressive and her enthusiasm for what she does is a joy to watch.”

Determining Dyslexia versus a Functional Vision Problem

“80% of children who are reading disabled, including dyslexics, have vision problems which can be solved.” [visionandlearning.org]

Our vision tests reveal how your child’s eyes track while performing activities such as reading or  hitting a ball. If your child has problems reading, our tests can determine whether the issue is dyslexia or a functional vision problem.

A computerized program called Right Eye includes a printed graph of your child’s eye-tracking movements that can be used to communicate with others. For example, the graph can be a visual aid to show your child’s teacher where your child’s eyes are looking when they are trying to read.

A Happier Family Life

When one person in a family is struggling, it affects the entire family. Our vision therapy program relieves the daily stress in your child’s life from struggling in school and with daily activities. Parents report a more harmonious home life, with relief from constant homework battles. The cessation of homework battles means more free time for kids and parents. In fact, many parents say that once their child has received therapy, they actually initiate homework themselves!

“I hope other families discover that Vision Therapy is an alternative to consider instead of surgery for many binocular problems.”

Vision Therapy Program for Sight and Learning

Vision affects almost everything in the brain. Our program treats the vision-brain-body connection so your child can learn better and feel happier and more confident in their daily life.
Our therapy helps children create the eye movements that allows their brain to receive and access the correct information.

Visual remediation helps children succeed in school by addressing:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Visual Memory
  • Finding targets in a busy environment
  • Matching abilities
  • Spatial orientation
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Eye-Body Coordination

Your Child’s Experience with Vision Therapy

Kids struggling with functional vision problems don’t know why it’s so hard for them succeed at the activities their peers easily perform. Feeling different and not knowing why often makes children feel insecure about themselves, and they underperform in school. When children arrive at our office for their first therapy session, they are often withdrawn, insecure, and wary of making mistakes.

We boost not only their visual acuity, but their confidence as they go from being afraid of making mistakes to learning they can see and succeed as never before. The positive impact is huge for both the child and their family.

After vision therapy, children feel:

  • More Confident
  • More Independent
  • More Capable
  • More Engaged
  • Less Anxious
  • More able to make mistakes without withdrawing

“Dr. Thomas is so wonderful with kids. They really love her! She changes the VT ‘homework’ so much that even my wiggly boy did not tire from it or ever get bored!”“

Help your child see and learn as never before.