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Therapeutic Lenses, NeuroLenses, and Frames

Move, think and see better with NeuroOptix lenses and prisms.

NeuroOptix lenses may be prescribed as as a standalone treatment or as part of your vision therapy program.

Benefits of Therapeutic and NeuroLenses

Lenses and prisms enhance the ability to concentrate, feel grounded, navigate through space, and think more clearly by taking away visual-auditory/ balance-body mismatches.

Who are Therapeutic and NeuroLenses For?

Both adults and children can benefit from therapeutic lenses. People who struggle with visual problems such as double vision, low vision, strabismus or visual issues caused by head injury can see their visual perception greatly improved with lenses or prisms.

Types of Therapeutic and NeuroLenses

These lenses include:

  • yoked prisms
  • non-yoked prisms
  • micro-prisms
  • tints
  • occlusion
  • specialized powers
  • Chromagen lenses, which help to calm the visual system when the scotopic sensitivity occurs (problems with words moving while reading) and also when there is a color deficiency.

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