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Body Book Therapy (Vision Therapy at Home)

What is Body Book Therapy?

The Body Book Program is a specialized treatment plan created by Dr. Thomas and other professionals.

The program consists of four monthly in-office sessions combined with at-home vision therapy activities. You’ll work with a highly-trained vision therapist to teach you how to easily and effectively perform certain everyday activities at home that you might currently be struggling with. This program is effective for both adults and children.

“I am an optometrist and I took my son to Dr. Thomas. I really appreciate her integrative developmental approach to examining children. My son really benefited from her Body Book program. There is no one quite like her!”


Who is the Body Book Program For?

If your vision is doing well until either you move or what you are viewing moves, you may only need a more home-based therapy concentrating on coordinating your eyes with your body.

What happens during a session?

Each session focuses on training the eyes to work effectively with the brain and body. During each visit, your skills will be tested by a vision professional to ensure that you are ready to move to the next level. You will then have a progress check at the end of the four levels to ensure that you have completed the program.

“Dr. Thomas provided the most comprehensive analysis of my vision EVER! She helped me understand the role vision plays in the body for proprioception. Thank you Dr. Thomas!”

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