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Summer Sensory Learning Program

Brought to you by Arizona Vision Therapy Center

Does your child find certain smells, tastes, or textures upsetting? Maybe they are easily upset by bright lights or loud noises? They may be experiencing sensory integration issues.

We have some exciting news for parents with children who have these sensory integration issues! Only during Summer 2019, we have been able to gather an entire team of professionals whose combined expertise can guide you in understanding those pieces of the puzzle that can help your child’s life become more comfortable, understandable, and calm. Due to the generous efforts of this team, we have been able to add elements to the Sensory Learning Program that are not typically in one place. This special program will help cultivate that missing link between the brain, gut and senses at a level never seen before.

The program will include:


  • Visual skills screening: will cover many of the visual skills needed to read, learn and pay attention well
  • Auditory skills screening: will uncover any sensitivities to sounds within the ranges needed to learn efficiently, will also cover the ability to hear where a sound is coming from
  • Vestibular skills screening: will uncover any problems in the balance system that could be interfering with the ability to sit still and take in new information
  • Tactile sensitivity screening: will uncover problems with either sensory seeking or sensory avoiding behaviors
  • Reflex integration screening: will uncover any problems that may have occurred during the milestones that could be causing difficulty with rhythm, timing, coordination and behavior, Musculoskeletal balance, strength and function screening: will uncover any asymmetries in the skull, spine and body that could interfere with proper development
  • Emotional health screening: will uncover any emotional protective mechanisms that could be interfering with social maturation
  • Organic Acid Testing: a comprehensive lab test which can help detect nutritional status, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, metabolism, leaky gut and neurotransmitter function


  • Sensory Learning Program: a 12-day in-office program with 18 days of home support intended to build and strengthen the neurologic foundation and to decrease the fight-or-flight response to the environment
  • Structural Energetic Therapy: a gentle manual therapy intended to ensure that the structures of the skull, spine and surrounding tissues are balanced and that the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, which is responsible for inflow of nutrients and outflow of wastes from the brain is as efficient as possible
  • Emotional Health Facilitation: an excellent program to help reduce or remove emotional triggers that are keeping your child from experiencing a full recovery from the other therapies
  • Thermotherapy: a program of far-infrared and negative ions to help increase circulation, promote relaxation and restful sleep and support the immune system
  • Ionizing Foot Bath: a medical-grade foot bath that provides both negative and positive ionic stimulation to help push toxins out of the body
  • Nutritional status discussion: a program that will go over the results of the nutritional, metabolic and infectious status of the child and discuss treatment options (including referral to different providers when necessary)