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Lenses and Frames

Invest in your sight and eye health with an annual eye exam.
Treating people from 6 months old to 99+


See your best and look your best with fashionable eyeglass frames and lenses.

Finding the right pair of eyeglass frames should be easy and affordable. We carry affordable and designer eyeglasses for adults and children as well as popular brands of contacts. We also carry specialized frames from Miraflex and Specs-4-Us for children and babies who have problems keeping eyeglass frames on their faces.

“I have had many eye exams and worn glasses for over 40 years. This was by far the most pleasant and knowledgeable eye doctor I have done business with. Her staff was friendly and helpful in picking out my new frames. They know face shapes and what works and what doesn’t. Arizona Vision Therapy Center is my new eye care facility.”

Our in-office professional opticians can help you find your perfect eyewear

We have a wide variety of designer brands and styles for you to choose from to find your perfect fit and style. We use the best technology in our lenses to ensure that you are able to see cleaner and clearer than ever before. Each pair of glasses is meticulously inspected to give you the best quality lenses and frame to fit your needs.

Ongoing service for your eyeglasses

Our staff is pleased to recheck your eyewear after your purchase to reassure you of its accuracy. We will keep your eyeglasses clean, fitting right, and feeling like new at no extra charge for as long as you own them.

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Frames We Carry

Fashionable and specialized frames for children, babies and adults.

Logos of Frame Brands That We Carry


Specialized Frames


Erin’s World frames by Specs4Us are specially designed frames made to accommodate the unique facial features of children and adults with Down Syndrome that have a flat-bridged nose. These frames are made to accommodate and fit those with Down Syndrome, which makes it superior to all current frames.

Unlike other frames, the bridge is adjusted to fit on the unique features of the nose and the temples (a.k.a. arms), that are modified to keep the glasses from constantly slipping.

With a pair of Erin’s World frames your loved one will no longer be constrained by their eyeglasses. The innovative design enhances their opportunities to explore the world freely and clearly without having to wear glasses that are too big, uncomfortable and constantly slipping or falling off. These frames are made for their unique needs and features in mind to solve the problems that regular eyeglasses never could.


The Miraflex frame is crafted from a flexible plastic material with no metal parts and hinge-free temples. The non-metal components of theses frames will reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma, which increases safety for your baby, your toddler or for those that are active with sports. These frames are safe and incredibly resilient.

These frames are not only comfortable, they are also BPA Free, Latex Free, Rubber Free, Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, and easy to clean.

The frame is completely manufactured out of a single piece of malleable material and it comes with an elastic adjustable band, which will keep the frames snug and centered. The unique light malleable material is designed to adjust to your child’s individual face. Also, the bridge is anatomically designed to fit even petite sizes, which makes early eyewear acceptable.

Our caring and highly-trained vision experts are here to help.

PDF catalog of frame options: http://www.miraflexglasses.net/catalogue.pdf

Therapeutic and NeuroLens Glasses

What are Therapeutic and NeuroLens Glasses?

These are specialized prisms worn in a pair of glasses that can significantly improve visual comfort, clarity, attention, headaches, and motion sickness. They’re prescribed to enhance therapy or to help treat patients who are unable to go through the regular vision therapy program due to cognitive difficulties or problems complying with the home support requirements.

How Therapeutic and NeuroLens Glasses Can Help You

Yoked prism, when used wisely, can passively provide many of the benefits of vision therapy when a person is not in the therapy room. When these prisms are worn in a pair of glasses, they have the ability to engage the visual attention of a person. They also provide feedback on problems with visual aiming and spatial organization.

Other amazing benefits of wearing therapeutic and NeuroLens glasses: Another amazing result of wearing the glasses is that they can stimulate changes in the brain to help improve visual, postural, balance, and coordination function. We have also found these lenses to be extremely useful in breaking down patterns that have developed over time to cope with visual conditions so that we can instill new and more efficient patterns of vision.

Who are Therapeutic and NeuroLens Glasses For?

Traumatic Brain Injury: People struggling with the effects of traumatic brain injury such as problems navigating through space, feeling clumsy, reaching for objects and knocking them over, balance issues, and motion sickness

Athletes: Problems in sports such as always swinging for the baseball to early or too late, throwing the ball too far to the right or left, tripping for “no reason”, and other general coordination problems

Autistic Children and Adults: Visual issues in people on the autistic spectrum such as problems making eye contact, problems getting “visually stuck” in one location, and problems coordinating their vision with their other senses

People with certain physical issues: Balance, gait, and postural issues that were not resolved with a typical vestibular therapy program

To find out if Therapeutic and NeuroLens Glasses are for you, call our office at 520-886-8800 to schedule an appointment today.

Enchroma Lenses for Reading Difficulties or Color Deficiency in Children and Adults

Have you or your loved one been struggling with reading difficulties? Have you been told that you are prohibited from certain employment due to color deficiency? Enchroma lenses can help.

Research has found that Enchroma lenses have been a life-changing aid for people who struggle with reading problems caused by vision, and also as an optical solution for color blindness.

Our caring and highly-trained vision experts are here to help.