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Learning Barriers: Understanding Students with Behavior, Concentration Issues, Tantrums or Trouble with Change when Vision Problems are Present

Learning Barriers: Understanding Students with Behavior, Concentration Issues, Tantrums or Trouble with Change when Vision Problems are Present

Learn about how our senses need to work together to help us concentrate in school and life. 

60-120 CEU

Students with Sensory Problems tend to have:

  • Lack of comprehension
  • An Inability to Focus
  • Behavior Issues
  • Speech/Language Delays
  • Heightened Sensitivities to Sound, Textures, Touch
  • Problems reading for long periods
  • Problems copying from the board
  • Problems with handwriting

The class will concentrate on the following subjects:

  •             How Vision Develops
  •             What Happens When Vision Does Not Develop as Expected
  •             What It Feels Like to Have a Vision Problem
  •             What It Looks Like to Have a Vision Problem
  •             How to Modify the Classroom for Vision Problems
  •             How to Fix Vision Problems

Benefits of attending:

  1. Gain a full understanding of How Vision Develops, especially when and why problems can occur in the developmental process
  2. Experience Active Participation Activities to teach functional visual skills and visual strategies that promote student success
  3. Strengthen your collaborative skills when working with an optometric doctor, OT, or teacher and become a valuable resource to your school or district
  4. Learn Whole Class Intervention strategies to support student success in learning to read proficiency by third grade
  5. Experience practical strategies to decrease visual stress and strain across the day
  6. Identify developmental levels of Functional Visual Skills needed to access Common Core curricular activities, across multiple grade levels
  7. Learn how to address the functional visual skills left out of common school vision screenings, through OT/Teacher collaboration in classrooms
  8. Receive hands-on Practical Classroom Forms to identify barriers to student success
  9. Receive an extensive list of Resources for evidence-based searches, on-line activities for students, and vision resources.

For information on scheduling this training: Call us: 520-886-8800
E-mail: visiontherapy@live.com


Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD is a developmental/neuro-cognitive optometrist who has spent the last 10 years working with patients who are struggling with their vision.  She is Board Certified in Vision Development and has more than 600 hours of post-graduate training in diagnosing and treating basic functional vision problems, amblyopia/strabismus, sports vision, post-trauma vision syndrome, and the connection between vision and the body. She has also coordinated the care of her patients with local teachers and ancillary staff to ensure the best success for children with vision problems in a school setting over the past 10 years.