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Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

What is Blue-Light?

Believe it or not, blue-light is not a new phenomenon.

While blue-light is most commonly associated with phone screens, computers and tablets, it can also come from fluorescent lights, LED lights, and even sunlight, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Blue light is one of the many colors on the “visible light spectrum” that humans can see with the naked eye. Blue-light is beneficial during the day because it helps boost our attention and regulate our sleep/wake cycles. However, it is because of this exact reaction that exposure to blue-light seems to be the most problematic at night.

What Are Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses?

Blue-light-blocking glasses have recently started getting lots of attention because, unlike braces for crooked teeth or any of the other unattractive ways that we take care of our bodies, blue light glasses are trendy and fun.

Blue light glasses usually look just like regular prescription glasses, but with one major difference: the lenses are specifically made to filter out the blue light – and in some cases UV light- from getting through to your eye. If you use these glasses when you’re looking at a screen, especially after dark, it can help reduce exposure to blue light waves.

Many of our grandparents would have never left the house without their pair of BluBlockers, long before eyewear companies joined the bandwagon. These retro glasses had quite the  following because- aside from the fact that they looked rad- they also seemed to make people see more clearly.

Fast-forward to today, and these cool glasses are hot again- but for an entirely different reason; we’re constantly surrounded by devices that emit blue light, and it’s causing problems.

An article in the New York Post claims that, in general, Americans today spend at least half of their lives in front of screens. This much screen-time can sabotage sleep, contribute to headaches, strain your eyes, promote fatigue and potentially cause cataracts.

Can you say yikes??