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Improving Your Outlook on Life!


We here at Arizona Vision Therapy Center have been helping hundreds of patients see clearly since 2009. With careful attention to each individual’s specific needs, our patients leave our office feeling comfortable and better prepared to take on their worlds.

Our Vision Therapy program has also graduated numerous patients who are now reading, writing, and learning with more ease than before and enjoying life more thoroughly.

We love going to work every day to hear our patients’ stories of the new things that they are able to do that they thought were impossible before. Our patients- both past and present, continually share success stories from  about how much more peace there is at home and school, and we can’t wait to hear yours!

Our Doctors

Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD is a Board Certified Optometrist experienced in Vision Development and Rehabilitation.

Haley Penrod, OD is a Pediatric Residency-Trained Optometrist experienced in Vision Development and Rehabilitation.

For more information on Dr. Thomas and Dr. Penrod, follow the “Our Doctors” link above.

Our Staff

Annette Green
Office Manager/Optician

Madison Seiler
Front Office Manager/Optician

Chyna Flax
Patient Care Coordinator/Optician

Grace Garcia
Patient Care Coordinator

Shannon Kent
Vision Therapist

Maureen Gwilliam
Vision Therapist

Stephanie Gandolph
Vision Therapist

Amanda Ortega
Vision Therapist

Vita Laudonio
Lead Optometric Technician/Lead Sensory Learning Technician

Julia Podgorski
Optometric Technician/Sensory Learning Technician

Cynthia Gomez
Optometric Technician/Sensory Learning Technician/Nutrition Specialist

Erin Gamez
Sensory Learning Technician

Ginnene Iman
Sensory Learning Consultant

Karin Zabriskie, RN
Structural Energetic Therapist

Debora Jeppson, MT
Structural Energetic Therapist