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“When I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury from a car accident, I spent months seeking help from traditional doctors with no luck. I had even seen an optometrist who had brain/vision injury rehab experience, but after having my eyes examined, nothing was found, yet my problems continued…I had been suffering from terrible symptoms for 3 years! Once my initial testing, exam, and treatment plan was completed, I learned that I could follow up with Dr. Amy Thomas here in Tucson, Arizona who recently became certified through Dr. Zelinsky’s unique patented Z-Bell testing program. It has been just over a year since my official diagnosis, and after working with these two doctors, I have made an astounding recovery! I learned from Dr. Thomas that 80% of head injuries result in vision-related problems that are often missed. I was fortunate to learn about Dr. Thomas here in Tucson as she is currently the only doctor certified through Dr. Zelinsky in the state of Arizona. She has been wonderful to work with, she is passionate about helping patients recover, and I am grateful for her care and support.”

– Christie Y.

“I am an optometrist and I took my son to Dr. Thomas. I really appreciate her integrative developmental approach to examining children. My son really benefited from her Body Book program. There is no one quite like her!”

– Amanda M. R.

“Dr. Amy is fantastic. Found the problem with my vision and was able to correct it in an innovative way. Her expertise is very rare!! We are blessed to have her in Tucson.”

“My son has made excellent progress over the past year and has improved his prescription twice. The home exercises are engaging and work more than just his eyes and brain – they integrate his body in many ways too (hands, body movements, vestibular system). Amy and her staff are fantastic. Amy’s expertise is impressive and her enthusiasm for what she does is a joy to watch.”

“I hope other families discover that Vision Therapy is an alternative to consider instead of surgery for many binocular problems.”

“Dr. Thomas is so wonderful with kids. They really love her! She changes the VT ‘homework’ so much that even my wiggly boy did not tire from it or ever get bored!”

“First time getting glasses for my 2 year old with amblyopia and it could not have been a more pleasant and supportive experience. Pretty spectacular service and so good with kids!”

“I took my son to  Dr. Thomas when he was 8 years old. He could not catch a ball. After months of Vision Therapy, after he turned 9, he said to me one day, ‘Mom, thank you for taking me to vision therapy. Now I can see the whole world in 3-D!’”

“Dr. Thomas provided the most comprehensive analysis of my vision EVER! She helped me understand the role vision plays in the body for proprioception. Thank you Dr. Thomas!”

“Dr. Thomas is outstanding in both her knowledge and her interaction with patients! Having seen more doctors than I can count, to include another optometrist trained in vision therapy, Dr. Thomas is hands down the best. I had a very early traumatic brain injury which Dr. Thomas acknowledged and has treated me for with kindness and compassion. Her guidance with light and vision therapy have caused positive major shifts in my functioning. My husband’s words are: ‘If they offer 5 stars, Dr. Thomas deserves 6!’ For me, Dr. Thomas and her staff have offered me hope in the midst of great darkness.”

– Sue R. H.

“Dr. Thomas and her staff are so personable and knowledgeable in a vast array of vision issues that go far beyond just the eyes. Me and my family can’t thank you enough for the pre-tests, sensory learning program, and post tests. They accommodated us as we came In from MD just do do this program with them! They are Top Notch!”

– Michele H.

“Dr. Thomas is unique in that she looks at the whole person when delivering vision care, which is especially important for developing children. My son loves going to his appointments with her. She is always looking at what is best for her patient and it is apparent that she is committed to bettering the lives of the patients she serves.”

– Aiden R.

“I’ve already recommended others, like Carrie Newman. Dr Amy is great. She was able to help my middle son years ago, and helped the youngest yesterday. He was so excited to have hope!”

– Jared C.

“The care that Dr. Thomas gave to my daughter on the Skills Evaluation Test was amazing and so sincere.”

– Molly O.

“Truly the best! Amazing customer service and Dr. AMY is wonderfully patient with children.”

– Dena T.

“Dr. Thomas and her staff are wonderful. She shed light on issues I have been having for years. I wish I had found her sooner.”

– Katherine M.

“Seeing the initial results of my Visual Skills Assessment was absolutely fascinating because it allowed me to see what is actually going on with my vision. It gave me hope that my vision concerns can actually be fixed/greatly improved.”

– Kimberly A.

“I am so thankful we found Arizona Vision Therapy. It has made a huge difference in my daughter’s life. Dr. Thomas and Shannon Kent make a fantastic team and are wonderful with my kids. I highly recommend them.”

– Isabella L.

“Dr. Thomas helped both myself and my children. At my daughters first visit, Dr. Thomas was able to tell exactly what was happening with her eyes and her experiences. Being finally understood was so “amazing for her. The staff are kind and friendly. This is an office of healing.”

– Zachary H.

“Very approachable, patient staff and doctor – I have been to many states and almost 50 doctors at the highest level of specialty and Dr. Thomas has all the best knowledge and wisdom about that knowledge with the very best of the few doctors that really “got” vision with a whole lot more – a complete picture way beyond vision connecting everything going on with a patient. I felt respected, appreciated even, and hopeful for the first time in 40 years! If there was even a moment of confusion or complication even beyond her knowledge it was paused and looked up or figured out – complete care. 🙂 ”

– Marie H.

“Dr. Thomas is AMAZING! The staff was helpful and professional and the whole experience was great! I have suffered for years with issues I could not get answers for and in 1 hour Dr. Thomas had given me my life back. My instincts were that it had everything to do with my eyes and every other doctor told me it wasn’t, but it was! Glasses and a referral for alignment and I have faith I will be on my way to getting my life back without dizziness, double vision and troubles driving. Thank you a million times Dr. Thomas, you are my HERO!!!”

– Diane L.

“My daughter just loves Dr. Thomas she makes it so much fun while doing an amazing job at finding the the correct prescription for her eyes. I learn something new about the role that eye exam and learning go hand in hand every time she has an appointment.”

– Olivia O.

“We absolutely LOVE Dr. Thomas and her staff. She has been wonderful to not only myself as a patient but to four of my children. She is one of the most passionate human beings I have ever met. My kids actually love going to this doctor’s appointment! She listens to each child and to me as the parent and her enthusiasm to healing the brain and eyes and body systems is amazing.”

– Andrew P.

“Service was excellent, quick and friendly and made me smile. Made the exam easy and fun.”

– Jami C.

“Very positive and knowledgeable- willingly to share all types of information to aid in healing.”

– Tariq A.

“Dr. Thomas takes a holistic approach to vision and vision problems. She is relatable, approachable, and while her knowledge and intelligence is spectacular, she conveys that in layman’s terms so I and others can understand. I love watching her put the pieces together and feel completely cared for and paid attention to. She is very thorough and medically and ethically responsible. Superb care!!”

– Tammie H.

“My daughter is so comfortable and relaxed with your staff, which is pretty remarkable since she has always had a fear of all doctor’s. She enjoys coming to therapy every week and loves seeing Dr. Amy.”

– Suddenlee R.

“I will gladly complete this survey and recommend anyone to Dr. Thomas who may have a nervous system issue. Between the age of 10-20ish, I knew something was different with my reading comprehension but couldn’t figure it out. Every adult I tried to explain my situation to could not figure it out. Therefore I felt like I was not smart enough. For twenty years I have been seeking a complete answer as to why my comprehension and overall vision has been deteriorating. Although I have a way to go to improve my health, I left your office with not only an answer but a feeling that I was confident my vision is going to get better.”

– Lynea D.

“Dr. Thomas was very thorough and friendly. Explains my son’s challenges.”

– Nicholas W.

“I feel Blessed that I found Dr. Thompson. Never have I been with any Doctor who works to correct vision problems until meeting her. She’s amazing!”

– Linda R.

“Way more than a typical eye exam. I highly recommend Arizona Vision Therapy to anyone that may be second guessing a prescription or might be seeking to visit with someone who goes above and beyond the normal 5 minute eye exam.”

– Jeffery A.

“The doctor and staff were really great and friendly.”

– Abrianna D.

“Very friendly atmosphere and Dr. T seems very thorough and explains everything to her patents.”

– Dorothy L.

“Can’t say enough about Dr. Thomas, she is a hoot but knows her stuff. I left the office knowing I could depend on Dr. Thomas for any eye problems.”

– Theresa B.

“Very professional and enjoyed talking to her.”

– Claudette L.

“I very much enjoyed my initial visit with Dr. Thomas. She immediately put me at ease and answered all of my questions. She was very thorough in the exam and addressed my concerns. I will be brings ng my family to her clinic as well.”

– Denice S.

“Knowledgeable, energetic, compassionate, and always looking for the cutting edge treatments to help her patients!”

– Karin B.

“I love the eye rehab Dr Amy Thomas’s office offers. She has an ever expanding understanding with how to aid rehabilitation. Also, Rick the glasses adjustment fellow is very helpful.”

– Leslie F.

“My 8 year old son loved the staff and the doctor. The doctor is very thorough and uses up to date technology to evaluate and screen.”

– Adonis H.

“Amy Thomas is a real find if you have a visual challenge. She works with the brain to change the way we perceive. Her manner, her humor and upbeat attitude are a breath of fresh air.”

– Pamela T.

“So many things make sense now that I’ve had my eyes checked here. I had no idea a car accident I was in had affected my vision and have seen many docs in the past few years with no success at vision. THANKS SO MUCH!”

– Hannah G.

“Our experience was over the top. My daughter got a full exam, and we got a full explanation of what is going on with her and her vision. Dr. Thomas was full of energy and really made my daughter comfortable!”

– Kenadie H.

“I was pleased with the service. I had minimal wait, and Dr. Thomas zipped through the eye exam without compromising service! I was in and out.”

– Debbie M.

“We came in for a 2nd opinion after an impersonal, negative experience at an ophthalmologist in town. I’m so glad that we did. Our 2 year old was happy to be in the office the moment we walked in. She had a great time during her exam and I’m very happy that our diagnosis no longer requires surgery (as recommended after 2 minutes with our other doctor.) Side note- a changing table in your bathroom would be helpful. I had to change our toddler on the floor.”

– Eleanor P.

“First time getting glasses for my 2 year old with amblyopia and it could not have been a more pleasant and supportive experience. Wish I weren’t moving in a few months but even on that note they gave me information on finding a vision therapy center in our new hometown! Pretty spectacular service and so good with kids!”

– Oskar O.

“Dr. Thomas is very knowledgeable and thorough. She spent a lot of time getting to the root of the problem and explaining things and answering my questions.”

– Spencer J.

“Dr. Thomas is amazing. Her staff are kind, courteous and professional. Thank you for a great experience.”

– Stanley G.

“I had the pleasure to be a client of Cimarron Family Vision Center yesterday. There was no wait time and everyone was professional. courteous, and friendly. Dr. Thomas was fabulous and funny too! I will be back.”

– Rhonda M.

“Wonderful first experience!”

– Gary K.

“Love to go there…very knowledgeable, explains things in terms I can understand. Also so friendly and cheerful.”

– Bobbie R.

“Great and very professional”

– Shirley K.

“Dr. Amy is fantastic. Found the problem with my vision and was able to correct it in an innovative way. Her expertise is very rare!! We are blessed to have her in Tucson.”

– Theodore B.

“Dr Thomas has become our go to person whenever my daughter has issues. She immediately looks at the big picture and how all things are connected and has been able to help both my daughter and my husband. From vision to migraines to mold, she is the very best. We are so fortunate to have her in Tucson!”

– Sydney M.

“Wonderful customer service! They treat you like family and you leave with a smile and a better understanding of what your eyes are doing!”

– Xander T.

“I just love Dr. Thomas! I love watching her put things together in her mind. I love her understanding of how vision works on its own as well as in conjunction with the rest of the body! I feel very confident in her ability and know that I am wholly treated!”

– Tammie H.

“Dr. Thomas went above and beyond the standard of care and tried more prescriptions, ideas, and options than any eye care professional I’ve ever seen. She got to the root of my vision problems rather than treating the symptoms. I am seeing clearer and more focused images when I read as well as in my daily life due to the effort and patience of Dr. Thomas.”

– Kieran L.

“I was referred here by my optometrist after a stroke left me with partial vision loss. On my first visit, Dr. Thomas spent more than 2 hours with me, to diagnose and fully assess what actually happened to me and what can be done to make my vision ad my life better. It was quite a remarkable experience, and I will be continuing to work with her. I fully trust I have the best medical professional to guide me in this journey.”

– Barbara R.

“Evans’ Grandmother accompanied Evan on all his past visits and Therapy sessions. I believe he is in good hands he is just 5 yrs old so we have to trust the Dr. and what has been prescribed for him, matter what the cost, the child comes first. Thank you for asking.”

– Evan M.

“Everyone at the office was very nice and helpful. I loved the eye doctor. She always had a smile and was very knowledgeable.”

– April A.

“Amy Thomas is a treat! She is not only a good listener with great people skills, she has tests I’ve never experienced for diagnosing vision problems. After visiting many medical people, I think I’m on the way to understanding and solving my double vision.”

– Pamela T.

“I have had many eye exams and worn glasses for over 40 years. This was by far the most Pleasant and knowledgeable eye Dr. I have done business with. Her staff was friendly and helpful in picking out my new frames. They know face shapes and what works and what doesn’t. Cimarron Family Vision is my new eye care facility.”

– Mark F.

“Dr. Thomas provided the most comprehensive analysis of my vision EVER! She helped me understand the role vision plays in the body for proprioception. Thank you Dr. Thomas!”

– Cheryl B.

“Dr. Thomas was wonderful. You can tell right away that she cares for her patients. My visit to her office was pleasant. Dr. Thomas was thorough with my eye exam and gave me useful information to help with issues. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas.”

– Marikay S.

“Amazing experience, everything was done quickly. I could not be happier.”

– Kenton W.

“Easy to make an appointment, helpful staff, Dr Thomas explains what her prescription should do.”

– Susan H.

“Dr. Thomas was warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. She made my eye exam a quick and easy experience, when I normally dread getting my eyes checked. I am glad that I finally found a vision provider that I feel comfortable going to.”

– Jessica D.

“My Kids LOVE Cimarron Family Vision Center! Thank you Dr. Thomas and your wonderful staff!”

– Kate S.

“We love Dr. Thomas and her staff. They all are so warm and welcoming and take the time to really educate you and your family.”

– Joshua P.

“Handled our problem (glasses repair) right away with a smile!”

– Linnea C.

“My daughter does not like to go to the doctor so when it came time to take her in to see an eye doctor, needless to say she was not happy. From the moment we stepped into the waiting room she was at ease, she loved seeing the toys available. Once she met Dr. Thomas she was excited. She was treated very well and she loved the fact that her doctor had as much energy as she did. Dr. Thomas explained everything that was happening in ways that she could understand. We will definitely be back and will refer anyone needing an exam to come here!”

– Zoey G.

“Dr Thomas is brilliant. Her knowledge, personal caring and enthusiasm for helping her patients is extraordinary. It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to see her and have her correct my vision problems.”

– Judith B.

“Dr. Thomas and her staff work well with children and adults alike in a clean and friendly environment to help bring healing instead of putting a bandage on a wound. My 9 year old daughter has struggled with sleep, digestion, and attention issues for years and has had previous diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, and high functioning Autism Spectrum. Yet, with vision therapy from Dr. Thomas and her staff, my daughter’s anxiety is beginning to melt away and her digestion is improving. We are so very thankful to finally find a root cause and move forward in healing.”

– Elizabeth H.

“Absolutely love Dr Amy. She does amazingly well with my son, so happy we found her. It about an hour drive for us but completely worth it.”

– Connor M.

“Dr. Thomas was amazing with my son. Very friendly and informative.”

– Gary G.

“When I checked out the website, I thought this was only for children and learning difficulties. However, a friend of mine told me that she had seen Dr Thomas for brain injury. So I also decided to give it a go. I have had prisms for 2 mos. The difference in my energy is remarkable. After 2 1/2 years of feeling droopy, I am thrilled.”

– Martha V.

“Innovative treatment for those with TBI. Takes an individualized approach, rather than one size fits all. Kind and caring treatment from Dr. Thomas, Rick and Shannon. Excellent listeners. Takes the time to get things right. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

– Jeffrey T.

“Talk about an office that adores children!! Dr Thomas and her staff work nothing short of miracles in that office!!”

– Spencer D.

“Doing vision training with Cimarron has been a wonderful journey to eye health. Dr Amy is sooo very enthusiastic about what she does and happy about our progress.”

– Rochelle R.

“I already referred you to someone yesterday!! Thank you so much for your caring and great advice!!”

– Baliey M.