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“I am an optometrist and I took my son to Dr. Thomas. I really appreciate her integrative developmental approach to examining children. My son really benefited from her Body Book program. There is no one quite like her!”


“Dr. Amy is fantastic. Found the problem with my vision and was able to correct it in an innovative way. Her expertise is very rare!! We are blessed to have her in Tucson.”

“My son has made excellent progress over the past year and has improved his prescription twice. The home exercises are engaging and work more than just his eyes and brain – they integrate his body in many ways too (hands, body movements, vestibular system). Amy and her staff are fantastic. Amy’s expertise is impressive and her enthusiasm for what she does is a joy to watch.”

“I hope other families discover that Vision Therapy is an alternative to consider instead of surgery for many binocular problems.”

“Dr. Thomas is so wonderful with kids. They really love her! She changes the VT ‘homework’ so much that even my wiggly boy did not tire from it or ever get bored!”

“First time getting glasses for my 2 year old with amblyopia and it could not have been a more pleasant and supportive experience. Pretty spectacular service and so good with kids!”

“I took my son to  Dr. Thomas when he was 8 years old. He could not catch a ball. After months of Vision Therapy, after he turned 9, he said to me one day, ‘Mom, thank you for taking me to vision therapy. Now I can see the whole world in 3-D!’”

“Dr. Thomas provided the most comprehensive analysis of my vision EVER! She helped me understand the role vision plays in the body for proprioception. Thank you Dr. Thomas!”

“Dr. Thomas is outstanding in both her knowledge and her interaction with patients! Having seen more doctors than I can count, to include another optometrist trained in vision therapy, Dr. Thomas is hands down the best. I had a very early traumatic brain injury which Dr. Thomas acknowledged and has treated me for with kindness and compassion. Her guidance with light and vision therapy have caused positive major shifts in my functioning. My husband’s words are: ‘If they offer 5 stars, Dr. Thomas deserves 6!’ For me, Dr. Thomas and her staff have offered me hope in the midst of great darkness.”

–  Sue R Hannah