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Brain injuries and Z-Bell Testing

When I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury from a car accident, I spent months seeking help from traditional doctors with no luck. I had even seen an optometrist who had brain/vision injury rehab experience, but after having my eyes examined, nothing was found, yet my problems continued. I discovered a book called “The Ghost in My Brain” By Dr. Clark Elliott. There was enough information in the book that resonated with me, so in summer of 2017 I sought out the expertise of Dr. Deborah Zelinsky, the specialized optometrist mentioned in the book.

I was so glad to have found a doctor who was able to discover the vision dysfunction that occurred from my head injury. I had been suffering from terrible symptoms for 3 years! Once my initial testing, exam, and treatment plan was complete, I learned after I left Chicago, I could follow up with Dr. Amy Thomas here in Tucson, Arizona. She had recently become certified through Dr. Zelinky’s unique patented Z-Bell testing program.

It has been just over a year since my official diagnosis, and after working with these two cutting edge doctors, I have made an astounding recover! I learned from Dr. Thomas that 80% of head injuries result in vision-related problems that are often missed. I would share with anyone who has experienced complications from head injuries to have their vision checked by a doctor certified through Dr. Deborah Zelinksy. I was fortunate to learn about Dr. Thomas here in Tucson as she currently is the only doctor certified through Dr. Zelinsky in the state of Arizona. She has been wonderful to work with, she is passionate about helping patients recover, and I am grateful for her care and support.


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