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How Light is Made

To bring our Light series to an end, we’re going to teach you how light is actually created.

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Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to Arizona Vision Therapy Center‘s blog! Since 2009, we have helped numerous patients see clearly and comfortably with careful attention to their specific needs. Hundreds of patients who have graduated from Vision Therapy are now reading, writing, and learning comfortably and are enjoying life in ways unimaginable before.

Want to know the main reason we here at Arizona Vision Therapy Center go to work every day? It’s to see our patients and hear about the things that once seemed impossible becoming their newest ability. We love listening to the stories our patients’ families tell about how much peace there is at home and school. Dedicated to learning the newest information on vision therapy and rehabilitation, we never stop trying to find the best ways to help you and your loved ones. Now we can share this information with you right here on this blog.

We also have a patient portal for you to receive documents and other correspondence from our office. For even more information and to stay up to date with our posts, you can visit our FaceBook page. We look forward to growing with you!